Books from the Heart: Our Self-Publishing Journey

Books from the Heart: Our Self-Publishing Journey

Click here to download your complimentary copy of Books from the Heart: Our Self-Publishing Journey.

As a self-publishing author, would you like to work with someone who will honor your voice, style, and individuality? Do you want to have more confidence as a writer? We can help you accomplish these things ... and much more. 

This complimentary electronic booklet includes:

Instructions for using this and any interactive PDF document

Project goals while working with you (creating a pleasant working environment, building your confidence, encouraging individuality, honoring your voice and style, untangling complicated text, training and empowering you, delivering a professional product, and honoring your schedule and budget)

List of services (brainstorming session; written analysis; developmental editing; copyediting; formatting; graphics assistance; interior design; indexing; cover design; proofreading; printing; publishing; marketing, distribution, and sales; and training)

Let's make a book together!