Crossword puzzle demonstrations

Crossword puzzle demonstration

Here’s how it works: 

Joanne Shwed will bring a large, blank crossword puzzle that she designed and, with the help of the audience, will fill it in. These events are a lot of fun and intellectually stimulating for adults of all ages, especially seniors.

Do you want to schedule a crossword puzzle demonstration?

If you are in a 50-mile radius of the San Francisco Bay Area, and you want to schedule a crossword puzzle demonstration, contact us via e-mail or call 650.355.4640 for details.

If you haven’t seen her in action, the next best thing is to order Joanne’s crossword puzzle book, Backpocket Crosswords: Handmade Puzzles.

For your reading enjoyment, Joanne has written a (very) short story about her puzzle demonstration experience at Jigsaw Java, In a Word: Backpocket Crosswords.