April Joy Manger, The Garden Path to My Heart: Finding Inner Peace through Haiku

Joanne Shwed is an angel to work with. She and I connected right from the start. I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have been guided to her by a mutual friend. The Universe definitely knows what it is doing, especially when the project can benefit everyone by bringing inner peace, love, and harmony. Joanne made the journey of self-publishing a book easy! She took away all the anxiety that I was feeling. My book turned out far beyond my expectations! The project evolved and flowed into the beautiful garden I visualized. It was helpful that Joanne was already familiar with haiku poetry because her husband, Thomas A. Ekkens, just happens to be an amazing poet, musician, and photographer. I love them both. In the journey of creating a book with an expert and experienced copyeditor and designer such as Joanne Shwed, you’ll want to make sure that you keep writing in order to give her your next project, which is exactly what I’m currently doing. I can't wait for the next journey with Joanne. If this is your first book to be published, like mine was, Joanne can help you achieve your goals. Tell her your dreams, and she will deliver amazing results!