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  • Diane Lee Moomey, Place ...: the Heart of the Dragon

    I first met Joanne Shwed shortly after I decided I want to make books. I had already set up my publishing company, and knew I needed guidance to make it real. A friend who knew of my passion, suggested I go hear the featured speaker at the next meeting of her local writers’ group. That speaker was Joanne; she talked about creating books, we spoke after the meeting, and she agreed to teach me the whole process. She has been wonderful: personable, professional, knowledgeable, and a good teacher. Not only did she edit, format, convert files magically into the proper PDF format and reveal the mysterious workings of all these things; she also introduced me to her favorite print-on-demand company and walked me through the set-up process, up to the actual placing of the orders. Her rates are reasonable, and she completes work in a timely manner. She taught me so well that I feel confident in producing the next book all by myself. I will return to her for editing, though—every book needs an extra pair of eyes for this, and hers are just the best.

  • Robert H. Freilich, AICP, National Editor, The Urban Lawyer, American Bar, Planning Reform in the New Century

    Joanne Shwed is one of the best proofreaders of articles that I have come across in my 35 years of scholarship. She reads for substance and detail at the same time and has many helpful suggestions. I would recommend her to anyone who needs intelligent proofreading.

  • Edward J. Sullivan, Planning Reform in the New Century

    Joanne Shwed took the time to review my manuscript closely and give me both the technical comments needed to put my work in good order, but also suggestions for clarity and effective presentation that make a good work better. I very much appreciated her time and effort in working with individual authors.

  • Dwight H. Merriam, FAICP, Planning Reform in the New Century

    Joanne, the wordsmith’s gemologist, knows best how to polish the rough cut to bring out its innate brilliance ... something she seems to do so gently that we as writers barely sense the rubbing that makes our work better ... Really good copyeditors respect the writer and the writer’s work; they add value by helping the author see better ways to express themselves. Joanne is great to work with (oops, sorry Joanne, can’t figure out how to do this without a preposition at the end ...).

  • Gerrit-Jan Knaap, Planning Reform in the New Century

    Without a doubt, Joanne Shwed is the best editor of the many with whom I’ve worked.

  • John J. Delaney, AICP, Planning Reform in the New Century

    Joanne’s work in reviewing my chapter was outstanding in every respect. Not only did she turn around the drafts and revisions in almost “speed of light” time, but the quality and thoroughness of her work was consistently of the very highest standard. It would be a privilege to work with her again some day.

  • John R. Nolon, Planning Reform in the New Century

    Backspace Ink did an extremely good job of production on my chapter. The instructions I got were clear, time tables were issued in advance and adhered to, and the work product was extremely presentable. It was a pleasure to work with them.

  • Michael M. Berger, Planning Reform in the New Century

    Joanne Shwed was a delight to work with. I have been writing for long enough to be wary of new editors. When the American Planning Association informed me that she would be in charge of the chapter I had written for a book, I was not sure what to expect. Happily, Joanne turned out to be the kind of editor who only makes the product better. She obviously doesn’t let her own ego get in the way of allowing the author his own voice. Instead, she gently prods to make sure that what is said is what was intended and that it is soundly supported. I’d be pleased to work with her anytime. Thanks again, Joanne.

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