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  • James Callner, It’s a Matter of Trust: How I Got Better from OCD with Compassion, Help, and Hope and Positive Posts for OCD & Anxiety: Help and Hope for Those Who Need It Now

    I can’t recommend Joanne enough to anyone who wants a professional, compassionate, patient, sensitive editor and designer. She also formatted my two books beautifully and showed her incredible patience with my perfectionism for the book covers. I really didn’t know what I wanted, and Joanne stood by me with all 81 cover designs. I mean, that’s loyalty! She also has the gift to truly hear your voice in words you write and make them even better. My memoir and self-help books are intended to help all those who suffer from mental illness and, because of Joanne’s help and guidance, this will come true. She is extremely personable and has a contagious laugh that will put you right at ease. It did for me. I looked forward to our remote sessions, I now have my first and second book published, and I will continue to use her services for the third book and beyond. Thank you, Joanne, for your talent and kindness. Because of you, I can confidently call myself an author.

  • Deborah Hope Wayne, Prenups and the Elephant in the Room: A Handbook for the Prenup Process

    Joanne helped guide me through the editing process with sensitivity and professionalism. She paid great attention to my goals in writing the book, and that was important to me. Joanne made herself available at each step of the way, and I felt she made it a priority to address my questions and comments using her extensive expertise. Her own turnaround time kept things moving. She was reliable, patient and professional throughout the process. I am very proud of the final product we developed together and very thankful to Joanne. I do plan to retain Joanne for the next book!

  • Taryn VogetTrust Fall 

    After Joanne brilliantly edited my first book a few years ago, I knew all along she was the only one to edit my next book. I recently gave her a good manuscript and, using her rare magic, she made it a great book. Joanne has a knack for keeping your voice pure in the book, while polishing and shining the words to perfection. She has an eagle eye for detail, flow, consistency, and overall readability. Joanne is a delight to work with, totally professional, and a kind soul who wants the best for your book. I am truly grateful I found her, and I have since recommended her to several friends looking for a brilliant editor.

  • Patrick J. Killeen, A Decade in the Life of Dr. Zorro: A Seventies Saga

    Joanne Shwed took my disheveled blog, went through it with dedicated deliberation, and turned it into a book that I am truly proud of. She is an artist. Thanks, Joanne. You made it possible.

  • Alan Lewis, Dying for Ireland: The Last Days of Roger Casement

    Joanne was  invaluable in readying my historical novel for publication. She helped me untangle a complex story spanning 30 years across 4 continents, tracked down every usage and continuity and clarity issue across 300 pages, and created a lovely, highly readable manuscript design. She’s a pleasure to work with, and not afraid to tell you what she really thinks. Her notes were direct and easy to follow. A small point but a valuable one: Her turnaround time was always rapid enough that I was able to maintain my work flow without interruption. Highly recommended, even if you don’t think you need an editor.

  • Laney M. SilvermanPrincipal + Graphic Designer, The Design Boutique, Inc.  

    Semicolon, colon, apostrophe after or before the “s.” These things can be confusing and yet are important. Proper syntax and grammar are important on your marketing materials. Yes, people notice when it’s wrong, not when it’s right. Make sure you do it right. Connect with Joanne, and she will review your content and make sure you put your best foot forward.

  • Heather Criswell, Kid Whisperer and coauthor, How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too)

    I have to be honest ... I was more than hesitant ... I was TERRIFIED to go through the editing process when we finished our manuscript! Fortunately, my dear friend was introduced to Joanne and knew immediately that she would be a great match for us. Joanne took the time to meet with us in person. She presented a number of options for us, gave her own suggestions, listened to our needs, and most of all gave me peace of mind. I was so worried that she would change our work and we would lose our voice. The exact opposite happened! Joanne was able to clarify, add to, and enhance our work beyond my imagination. She had the challenge to work with and edit two very different authors in the same manuscript. SHE DID IT! The icing on the cake was her BEAUTIFUL layout for our book. Joanne has an amazing gift with words and design. I am so thankful for her “chance” meeting with my friend. I am so thankful for her wise insights and incredible eye. I am so proud of this book, and words will never express my gratitude for Joanne and her gifts to this planet!

  • Gina Scott, Once Again

    As a new author, I was excited and scared at the same time. Joanne guided me through every step and took the time to explain how the publishing process works. Her patience and experience gave me the confidence I needed to bring my book to print. Her passion for what she does shows through in the quality of her work. I look forward to working with her on my next project.

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