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  • Margaret Vose, The Voses in Mexico 1899–1912, A Family History Memoir

    Joanne gently guided me through the editing and publishing process of my family memoir with grace and professionalism. She thoughtfully attended to every detail in my modest book, insuring a totally satisfying experience. What a joy it was to hold the finished proof in my hands. Thanks, Joanne.

  • J. A. Sebastin, Your Seed (The Revenge)

    After going through eight rounds of editing with other editors, I finally submitted my manuscript to Joanne. She cleaned it up very well. It no longer looks like a book but instead like a piece of art. She is very flexible and an easy person to work with. All of my other 50 books of the Infinite Dimensions series, I will involve her with great confidence.

  • Darius Gottlieb, Love Poems & Other Elixirs (www.AuthorOneStop.com project)

    There are individuals you might spend years with who are barely a "hum" in ho-hum—

    And then there are rare & astounding people like Joanne who virtually change your lives in hummingbird wings of a single expansive hour.

    There are unremarkable & occluded days—as well as editors ordinary and editors absolutely extraordinary.

    Just today I met Joanne, and clouds have parted to reveal a seated, iconic figure surrounded by dazzling light. She's holding an Unabridged Dictionary to Eternity.

    I suspect it's Joanne of Backspace Ink. And I'm extra thrilled to be working with her!

  • Marisa Ryan, M. Ryan Media Design

    Joanne helped me work on a magazine ad. I had designed most of it, but I had reached a point where I was completely stuck. At the last minute I asked Joanne to help me edit and format the copy. She immediately responded and returned the finished product: a fully laid out magazine ad, with the copy formatted beautifully. Her quick response saved my project, and her creativity made the finished ad beautiful. I'm extremely appreciative of her work—especially on such short notice.

  • Josh Gressel, Embracing Envy: Finding the Spiritual Treasure in Our Most Shameful Emotion (www.AuthorOneStop.com project)

    Working with Joanne was a wonderful experience. I loved having someone care as much as I do that everything be just right. She was meticulous with details, prompt with deadlines, responsible with follow-up, and I never felt her ego involved in any of her editing. She sought to make my work the best it could be, not infuse it with anything of her own. I intend to return to her with my next book.

  • Yon Walls, Seeing Colette

    Working with Backspace Ink to complete my first professional Indie book for an anticipated readership was everything I expected and more. Joanne worked with me from start to finish with a sure hand and lots of tools and experience as a seasoned editor. As I had learned in graduate school that all serious writers need editors (and somewhere in my girl’s heart who had aspired to be a writer), the fact was never more clear during my work with Joanne. Even when at times I wasn’t sure of my artistic vision and craft, Joanne matched me with her knowledge and editor’s skills to get us to the next stage of the project. I’m so pleased with the beautiful and professional outcome! Undoubtedly, she’s a jewel of an editor that I look forward to working with in the future.

  • Megan Halsey, The Good Girl Book (proposal)

    Joanne was great to work with! She explained her process and editing steps clearly. She got back to me quickly when I had questions or new ideas. Joanne's helping hand guided me toward the finishing touches my project really needed. I have a product I feel confident about after doubts while working on the project alone.

  • Rosalyn Kahn, Random Acts of Kindness Are Changing the World

    I came to Joanne after a laundry list of other editors who just didn’t meet my requirements. Working with Joanne is working with a partner as part of your team. She will give you a leash to do your best, and then pull back the reins when things go off path. I always steered away from writing as the constant need to rewrite and revise was an arduous process. Joanne helped me through the difficulties till we were able to create a piece that not only fit the bill but was also something I could be proud of. I especially appreciated her insight in helping me arrive at the book cover and the contents that would grasp the reader and draw them in. If you want a true professional to help you fine-tune your craft, Joanne is the one you should choose.

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