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  • Jay Valentine, Co-CEO, ExerciseFriends.com and author, ExerciseFriends

    Joanne was a special and outstanding guide on our quest to the first book for ExerciseFriends.com. She guided us through every step of creating a manuscript, building correct footnotes, managing the cover creation and delivering a very good product. We could not have done it without her, and we are using Joanne on our two upcoming book projects.

  • Lauren E Miller, 5 Minutes to Stress Relief: How to Release Fear, Worry, and Doubt ... Instantly (www.AuthorOneStop.com project)

    My experience with Joanne Shwed has been delightful on all levels. I appreciate her eye for details along with her creative influence. As an author many times, the information will be downloaded through me so quickly I do not focus on details. Joanne has a remarkable ability to recognize order and flow, making the reading experience enjoyable and inspirational. She is quick and precise. I was very impressed at the speed at which she responded and worked side by side with me on my fourth book. I am grateful for her presence and gift in this world.

  • Meline at GreatSchools Inc., The GreatSchools Guide to Phoenix Area Public Schools 

    We’re really happy with how the finished product turned out. We’ve gotten really great feedback so far—it’s all over Phoenix at this very moment! Thanks again for all your help.

  • Azim Khamisa, From Murder to Forgiveness: A Father’s Journey and Azim’s Bardo: A Father’s Journey from Murder to Forgiveness

    With special best wishes for love, happiness and world peace. Thanks for your help on the book.

  • Carl A. Goldman, Soul and Silicon: Spirits in a High-Tech World

    We did it! What a team! Peace and happiness be with you.

  • Mark Stephen Johnson, 700 Miles of Curves: the Songs of Mark Stephen Johnson

    Long time comin’—worthwhile gettin’ here. Thanks for making this book!

  • Gene Bunnell, Making Places Special: Stories of Real Places Made Better by Planning

    A thousand thanks!

  • Hemalata C. Dandekar, The Planner’s Use of Information, Second Edition

    Many thanks for your hard work and commitment to making this book “right.” Was a pleasure working with you.

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