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  • Deborah Douglas, Foot Soldiers: Stories from the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk

    Throughout this project you were steady and professional and, most of all, highly skilled. Thank you for turning a sow’s ear into what I believe is a beautiful silk purse.

  • Larz T. Anderson, Planning the Built Environment

    Thanks very much for your excellent editing work. While our extensive exchange of e-mail messages concerning details in the text may have been a bit vexatious to you, your patience and editing skills have paid off handsomely.

  • Janet Caliri, Life Coach and Author, Me with Me

    Joanne’s spirit, individualism, creativity, patience, and organization are the perfect ingredients for my book! As a first-time author with no experience, Joanne Shwed guided me every step of the way. I felt supported and safe with her professional objectivity, which left the space for my creativity to flourish. I highly recommend Joanne to any author at any stage in the game. Thank you, Joanne!

  • Mary Frances Connors, Sweet Blood & Fury

    Oh, my! What can I say? For all the wonderful things you have done for me and for sharing your beautiful spirit. I thank you truly.

  • Dinah Sanders, Discardia: More Life, Less Stuff

    Joanne exceeded my high expectations in the service she provided and her flexibility in using a new workflow to accommodate my maintaining a master copy of my manuscript in Scrivener. This was my first experience working with an editor on a work of over 50 pages and I was very pleased with the outcome. My book was significantly the better for her deft touch and I believe this is leading directly to better reviews and more sales. The icing on the cake is how pleasant to work with she is.

  • Kenetia Lee, Fearless Beauty: A Woman’s Guide to Living Bold, Beautiful and Free

    Joanne is absolutely amazing. I have never spent better money. She gave me great feedback every step of the way and made my words sing on paper. I am forever grateful for her skill of editing, which truly helped me feel confident in my own writing. It was through her that I could actually hear my own voice. She is a resource that I will continuously use.

  • Ron Williams, Beneath the Ripples of a Pond and The Old Man with the Long White Beard: Religion or Relationship? (www.AuthorOneStop.com projects)

    I thought I had a good book until it fell into the hands of Joanne. She took what I thought was good and made it worth reading and even I could not wait to turn the pages of my own book. In my opinion Joanne is an expert at seeing the little things that if corrected can improve the flow of the entire manuscript. While working with her I learned much and I pray our work is not complete. I fell in love with her.

  • Al Zelinka, SafeScape: Creating Safer, More Livable Communities Through Planning and Design

    After enduring more than one year of missed deadlines and innumerable project managers with a national book production company, our publisher turned to Backspace Ink. Within a very short time, Joanne Shwed revived the book production effort and, in a very timely manner, had a proof copy of the document in our hands. Not only did she exceed expectations with layout, she also made numerous helpful suggestions for improving the readability of the document. Needless to say, we are very pleased with Joanne’s work and would recommend Backspace Ink without question.

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