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  • James R. Adams, President, The Center for Progressive Christianity, From Literal to Literary: The Essential Reference Book for Biblical Metaphors

    Joanne Shwed’s insistence on endnotes and on an exhaustive index has made my book a much more valuable reference work than it would have been without her guidance. She also managed to pick up several errors and inconsistencies in the text that I had completely overlooked. Although we argued over some points of English grammar, I found her to be understanding and cooperative at all times.

  • Charles E. Daye, Brandis Professor of Law, School of Law, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Planning Reform in the New Century

    Joanne Shwed’s work on my chapter was exceptional. She gave my draft a thorough, detailed, insightful reading. She caught instances of lack of clarity that I did not catch and frankly never would have seen—at least not until too late after publication! She was prompt and well informed about the publisher’s substantive and technical requirements, right down to footnote style. Overall Joanne’s work was both impressive to me and invaluable in making my chapter better.

  • William H. Lucy and David L. Phillips, Tomorrow’s Cities, Tomorrow’s Suburbs

    What a pleasure it was to work with Joanne Shwed on our book! We were impressed with the thoroughness she demonstrated in understanding our “story” as well as attention to editorial detail. Thanks for her grammatical expertise and visual acumen in identifying issues and framing them promptly for easy resolution. Her comments, notes, and suggestions were consistent, timely, and helpful. In several instances her observations allowed us to reexamine the way we told our story. Our interactions, whether electronic or by phone, were concise but also personable—a humane experience in the midst of our information technology-driven culture. We look forward to possible future collaborations.

  • Jack Good, The Dishonest Church

    When I first saw the text of my work as Joanne Shwed had designed it on the page, I remarked that she had performed the miracle of making me appear to be a person with an orderly mind. Not only was the text laid out in a way that was pleasing to the eye, but she had, with the design, emphasized my outline and thus strengthened the arguments. I consider her work to be excellent. I also found her to be a pleasant person with whom to work. After my positive experience with Joanne and The Dishonest Church, I determined to ask her assistance with a manuscript I am preparing for submission. Again, she found ways to improve the outline. In addition, her sharp eye caught a number of grammatical and stylistic errors. I now have a much stronger manuscript.

  • Dennison DeGregor, The Customer-Transparent Enterprise

    Joanne’s attention to detail is beyond that of mere mortals. Joanne took a very complex manuscript, which I butchered during my first draft, and ironed out the wrinkles like a freshly starched and ironed shirt. My book introduced a new business paradigm to industry and the amount of standardization required to get the terminology consistent was monumental. I’m framing my second book now, so I moved Joanne up to Number One on my speed dial.

  • Don Saunders, The Power of Knowing How Life Works (www.AuthorOneStop.com project)

    I have been provided with The Power of Knowing How Life Works, a nonreligious true story experienced by just an ordinary guy—me. I have been tasked with the incredible responsibility to distribute that knowledge to all of you. You might think that, with knowledge this powerful, the path would be simple. I was stumbling because of the large quantity of content. I manifested Joanne Shwed from the universe to help me organize and prepare for the next step of the distribution process. She is a remarkable editor, and her professionalism and personal touch, which she provides to each project, establishes a sense of comfort, which makes me feel that everything is going to be okay. Joanne’s sensitivity to the importance of my project brought a smile to my face. She will continue on my journey alongside me as we complete a series of books providing all of you with The Power of Knowing How Life Works. I recommend Joanne to everyone.

  • V. Gail Easley, FAICP, The Board of Adjustment

    Working with Joanne Shwed was a joy. Proofs were timely, comments were right on target to improve the product, and the final result was excellent. I recommend Backspace Ink to anyone who needs prepress book production services.

  • Paris Elizabeth Tompkins, By Hope Alone: The Making of a Parent and The First Trip

    I really appreciate working with Joanne Shwed. Her sense of humor and her great laugh helped me to relax and feel confident about my decision to release the book. I was dealing with some very personal and painful events, and she helped me to see that I should not relive the past, but release the fear of someone reading it and go on. I hope it helps to empower and free others who read it. Joanne’s help made it possible. Without Joanne’s expert overseeing of the editing of my two books, I would have not been able to turn out the high quality products for which I must give her credit. Along with her delightful personality, working with Joanne made difficult tasks easy. Thank you!

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