Estimates are for one round of work, and we will bill hourly for any and all tasks we do.

First round

Based on what is known at the time of the estimate (KNOWN TASKS), a certain number of hours is calculated for one round of defined, specific services. This estimated number of hours is then multiplied by our hourly rate.

 If, at the end of the project, the time spent is less than what we estimated, you will receive an immediate refund of the difference, or you can apply the difference to other services.

If we anticipate needing more time than what we estimated, we will let you know as soon as we can tell that the time is going to go over, so you can decide whether you want to continue.

 If tasks are added, or the scope of work has changed, you may request additional estimates at any time.

Additional rounds

Additional rounds (UKNOWN TASKS) will be estimated when they are known.

Prepayment options

All services are preapproved and prepaid, and we must receive payment before work can begin.

You may prepay the estimate in full or prepay any number of hours at a time based on your budget. If you choose a partial prepayment, we will let you know when those hours have been used, and then ask you for another prepayment amount of your choice.


          Once we know the amount of your prepayment, we will send you an electronic invoice via e-mail, and you may use PayPal or another major credit card. Please note that half of the credit card fees will be added for credit card prepayments. If you prefer to pay with a personal check (payable to BACKSPACE INK), the credit card fees will not apply.

          The estimate process

          •  Call 650.355.4640 or e-mail to tell us about the particulars of your book project. A short phone discussion and/or a few preliminary e-mail exchanges as well as all estimates are complimentary.

          •  Decide on your prepayment plan (i.e., full or partial prepayment).

          •  Send us your manuscript.

          •  If you are requesting copyediting services, we will be happy to prepare a one-page copyediting sample at no charge; however, there will be a fee for more extensive copyediting samples based on the length of the requested sample.

          •  The estimate will be based on knowledge of the project at that time (KNOWN TASKS).

          •  If the estimate accurately describes the requested services, please sign, date, and fax it to 650.355.3630 (or scan and send it via e-mail).

          •  Once we receive your prepayment, the signed estimate, an agreement defining the requested services, and the final version of your manuscript, we will begin your book project!

          Discontinuing our services

          If you wish to discontinue our services at any point during the project, you will receive an immediate refund for the unused prepaid hours.