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Since 1985, BACKSPACE INK has worked on 180+ book projects and received 100+ client testimonials.

Our job is to take your important words and bring them to life, much like a sculptor reveals an image from a piece of clay. We will share our knowledge and experience, but, in the end, you will always have the final word.

Before we talk, please take a moment and do your best to select the services you need to publish your book.

Once you've selected the services, please call 650.355.4640 or send an e-mail for a complimentary consultation and an estimate.

Let’s make a book together!

At BACKSPACE INK, our clients:

Choose from a menu of services to fit their needs and budget

Own all electronic files we prepare for them

• Pay us no compensation from the sale of books we help produce

• Can receive training for any of the services we offer

• Participate at a comfortable level ... and we will do the rest!


Chris Forte, The Humble Warrior: Spiritual Tools for Living a Purposeful Life

For a first-time author, Joanne made the process of self-publishing my book a breeze. Joanne gave me all the options of doing it myself or using her for certain steps along the way, which gave me comfort and confidence. I highly recommend any first-time author who wants to self-publish and doesn’t know where to start to give Joanne a call.


James Callner, It’s a Matter of Trust: How I Got Better from OCD with Compassion, Help, and Hope

I can’t recommend Joanne enough to anyone who wants a professional, compassionate, patient, sensitive editor and designer. She also formatted my book beautifully and showed her incredible patience with my perfectionism for the book covers. I really didn’t know what I wanted, and Joanne stood by me with all 51 cover designs. I mean, that’s loyalty! She also has the gift to truly hear your voice in words you write and make them even better. My memoir and self-help book is intended to help all those who suffer from mental illness and, because of Joanne’s help and guidance, this will come true. She is extremely personable and has a contagious laugh that will put you right at ease. It did for me. I looked forward to our remote sessions, and I now have my first book published. Thank you, Joanne, for your talent and kindness. Because of you, I can confidently call myself an author.

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