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Do you want to self-publish your book? Do you need help preparing your manuscript for submission to a traditional publisher?

We are a one-stop shop to help make your book dreams become a reality.

If you think we're a good fit after looking at our list of services, please call 650.355.4640 for a complimentary consultation and an estimate.

Let’s make a book together!

At BACKSPACE INK, our clients:

Retain control throughout the production process and of the finished product

• Own all electronic files we prepare for them

• Pay us no compensation from the sale of books we help produce

• Can receive training for any of the services we offer

• Participate at a comfortable level ... and we do the rest!

• Bonita Lehmann, Saving Her. Saving Me.

Joanne designed the cover and interior and edited my memoir. She worked with swift, thorough efficiency in both areas. She also gave me guidance and support throughout the process in areas I was unfamiliar with. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the publishing arena. We worked well together and, even though she was miles away, I felt close working with her as a team, creating and editing to make my memoir exactly as I had envisioned. It was a great pleasure working with her. I would recommend Joanne without hesitation.

• Yon Walls, Seeing Colette

Working with Backspace Ink to complete my first professional Indie book for an anticipated readership was everything I expected and more. Joanne worked with me from start to finish with a sure hand and lots of tools and experience as a seasoned editor. As I had learned in graduate school that all serious writers need editors (and somewhere in my girl’s heart who had aspired to be a writer), the fact was never more clear during my work with Joanne. Even when at times I wasn’t sure of my artistic vision and craft, Joanne matched me with her knowledge and editor’s skills to get us to the next stage of the project. I’m so pleased with the beautiful and professional outcome! Undoubtedly, she’s jewel of an editor that I look forward to working with in the future.

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Crossword Puzzle Demonstrations

At these events, we bring a large, blank crossword puzzle and, with the audience’s help, fill it in. It’s a lot of fun and intellectually stimulating for adults of all ages, especially seniors. Call 650.355.4640 to schedule a demonstration for your group!

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