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Working with Backspace Ink to complete my first professional Indie book for an anticipated readership was everything I expected and more. Joanne worked with me from start to finish with a sure hand and lots of tools and experience as a seasoned editor. As I had learned in graduate school that all serious writers need editors (and somewhere in my girl’s heart who had aspired to be a writer), the fact was never more clear during my work with Joanne. Even when at times I wasn’t sure of my artistic vision and craft, Joanne matched me with her knowledge and editor’s skills to get us to the next stage of the project. I’m so pleased with the beautiful and professional outcome! Undoubtedly, she’s a jewel of an editor that I look forward to working with in the future.

—Yon Walls, Seeing Colette


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Books from the Heart: 
Our Self-Publishing Journey

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Joanne came highly recommended by a fellow author and colleague, and, after seeing his book, there was no hesitation in hiring Joanne. I couldn’t have been more pleased. My book turned out exactly as I had hoped—better—and her designs for both cover and interior were exactly what I had described for the look and feel that I wanted to be represented in the book. Professional, fast, accurate, creative; it was a rewarding experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Joanne in the future.

—Jan Baumgartner, Moonlight in the Desert of Left Behind