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Since 1985, BACKSPACE INK has worked on 160+ book projects and received 100+ client testimonials.

Our job is to take your important words and bring them to life, much like a sculptor reveals an image from a piece of clay. We will share our knowledge and experience, but, in the end, you will always have the final word.

Before we talk, please take a moment and do your best to select the services you need to publish your book.

Once you've selected the services, please call 650.355.4640 or send an e-mail for a complimentary consultation and an estimate.

Let’s make a book together!

At BACKSPACE INK, our clients:

Choose from a menu of services to fit their needs and budget

Own all electronic files we prepare for them

• Pay us no compensation from the sale of books we help produce

• Can receive training for any of the services we offer

• Participate at a comfortable level ... and we will do the rest!


John Felitto, The 90-Day Game and The 90-Day Game Playbook

What are you looking for? Support in development, shaping your work, expressing yourself with clarity? Someone who is attentive to detail, organized, efficient and timely? One who brings creative design capabilities? Is it important for you to know where you are on your budget throughout the project? Amazingly, Joanne Shwed is one consummate professional who delivers it all. 

Dennison DeGregor, The Customer-Transparent Enterprise

Joanne’s attention to detail is beyond that of mere mortals. Joanne took a very complex manuscript, which I butchered during my first draft, and ironed out the wrinkles like a freshly starched and ironed shirt. My book introduced a new business paradigm to industry and the amount of standardization required to get the terminology consistent was monumental. I’m framing my second book now, so I moved Joanne up to Number One on my speed dial.

Kenetia Lee, Fearless Beauty: A Woman’s Guide to Living Bold, Beautiful and Free

Joanne is absolutely amazing. I have never spent better money. She gave me great feedback every step of the way and made my words sing on paper. I am forever grateful for her skill of editing, which truly helped me feel confident in my own writing. It was through her that I could actually hear my own voice. She is a resource that I will continuously use.

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We have many products for sale, including crossword puzzle, poetry, art, and music books.

My Writing

Here are some (very) short stories, essays, and other personal writing for your reading enjoyment, including AWARDS (see Jumping Off and The Survivors).

Crossword Puzzle Demonstrations

At these events, we bring a large, blank crossword puzzle and, with the audience’s help, fill it in. It’s a lot of fun and intellectually stimulating for adults of all ages, especially seniors. Call 650.355.4640 to schedule a demonstration for your group!

TAE Gallery

TAE Gallery (pronounced “tie”) is an e-gallery of original artwork, photography, poetry, songs, and book arts by Thomas A. Ekkens. We hope you visit his site soon and attend an upcoming event.