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When I decided to write my second book, I knew how critical it would be to find the perfect editor. From the very beginning, I connected with Joanne and knew she was the editor for me. She knows her stuff and would quickly return material in a way that was well communicated and easy to understand. She immediately adapted to my writing style, accurately captured my ideas, and working with her was so easy. Not only did she help with editing, she designed the cover and the interior of my book. I love the finished product! I continue to use Joanne’s services for my editing projects. She’s the best!
Linda McFarland, Author, Co-founder Ascend2Success, Executive Assistant, The Wizard behind the CEO: Enchanted stories from the assistant with the magic WAND


Books from the Heart: 
Our Self-Publishing Journey

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Books from the Heart
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Saturday (8/25/18) from 11 am–12 pm (Pacific time)

Please join us for this one-hour, complimentary online class to get to know each other and discuss the upcoming four-part September series on self-publishing.

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Saturday from 11 am–12 pm (Pacific time)

From start to finish, this four-part series will lead you through the journey of self-publishing your book:

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Class #1 (9/8/18): Brainstorming session / Written analysis / Developmental editing

Class #2 (9/15/18): Copyediting / Formatting / Proofreading

Class #3 (9/22/18): Graphics assistance / Cover design / Interior design / Indexing

Class #4 (9/29/18): Printing / Publishing / Marketing, distribution, and sales

You will have access to the four video recordings whether or not you attend the classes.

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