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  • Andrew Hood, The Man Who Corrupted Heaven (www.AuthorOneStop.com project)

    Joanne did an amazing job guiding me through the copyediting stage of my first novel. She saw things in my writing that even I did not see through the writing process. She also guided me on how to improve the story and brought a professional polish to the finished product. I highly recommend Joanne to anyone who needs an exceptional professional to strengthen their work and make it the best possible manuscript that it can be. Thanks for everything, Joanne.

  • John Fleer, Dirty Doctors

    Joanne has been an accomplished guide throughout the process of completing my book. She has also been extremely responsive and kept me informed of all steps toward publication. I highly recommend Joanne as a copy editor and a mentor for self-publishing.

  • S.J. Pesut, Love Never Dies

    Joanne started working with me on my second book, and it was the best thing that could have happened. My first book looks very juvenile and unprofessional because I did not have a good editor working with me. Now, because of Joanne’s expertise in design, editing, and all parts of publishing a great book, my new book looks so professional. She walked me thru the editing of my manuscript and helped me make any changes necessary. We talked a lot about my book thru the whole process. I listened to her and took her advice about changes she thought I could make to have a really good book. The finished product is wonderful. I could not have completed this on my own because I had no clue what to do. All I knew was how to write, nothing more. I have told her that I want her to continue working with me on any future projects and to manage my website. She is truly amazing. Anyone who is thinking about writing a book, please do yourself a favor and hire Joanne. You will not be sorry you did.

  • Leanne Brownoff, business coach and author, Freezing My Ass Off on Kilimanjaro

    As a first-time author, the process of publishing my book was a daunting task. Committing to work with Joanne was the smartest thing I did to make sure my dream became a reality. I had been searching for someone I could partner with as my book had several moving parts including audio QR codes and sound links. Joanne was referred to me by another first-time author and, by the end of our first phone call, our partnership quickly developed as her business approach, editing and publishing knowledge, à la carte service menu, and calming personality filled the integral role I needed to build momentum on my project. Beyond the qualities I have just mentioned, some of Joanne’s attributes that I most appreciated through the process were her communication skills that highlighted her fully committed, customer-focused approach. Her patience combined with her vast experience provided a plethora of solutions that allowed the process to continue to build traction. I would definitely recommend Joanne Shwed to anyone who wants to produce a fabulous end result! I look forward to working with her in the future.

  • Sandy Rosenthal, Words Whispered in Water (www.AuthorOneStop.com project)

    As a debut author, I sorely needed an expert for polishing and perfecting my manuscript. Joanne worked patiently with me to streamline my work and turn it into a product worthy of offering to an agent. Along the journey, Joanne educated me on norms and expectations in the publishing world. Best of all, I have an accomplished copyeditor and I also have a new friend!

  • John Ernest DukeLeaving the Suburbs

    Joanne was patient, professional, and fun. I had finished my manuscript the way I wanted it and she produced an excellent product for me (print version). We had one phone conversation and then it was off and running. It was such a timely and smooth process. Thanks Joanne!

  • Linda McFarland, Author, Cofounder Ascend2Success, Executive Assistant, The Wizard behind the CEO: Enchanted stories from the assistant with the magic WAND

    When I decided to write my second book, I knew how critical it would be to find the perfect editor. From the very beginning, I connected with Joanne and knew she was the editor for me. She knows her stuff and would quickly return material in a way that was well communicated and easy to understand. She immediately adapted to my writing style, accurately captured my ideas, and working with her was so easy. Not only did she help with editing, she designed the cover and the interior of my book. I love the finished product! I continue to use Joanne’s services for my editing projects. She’s the best!

  • Chris Forte, The Humble Warrior: Spiritual Tools for Living a Purposeful Life

    For a first-time author, Joanne made the process of self-publishing my book a breeze. Joanne gave me all the options of doing it myself or using her for certain steps along the way, which gave me comfort and confidence. I highly recommend any first-time author who wants to self-publish and doesn’t know where to start to give Joanne a call.