The Fire Kiss

Selection of a printing vendor must be finalized before the interior and cover designs are started because each vendor has its own specifications for final file delivery. 

Traditional printing or
print on demand?

You can print hundreds (or even thousands) of books at a traditional offset printing company, which will result in a lower per-book printing price; however, if that’s not in your budget or you don’t need many copies at one time, there is another option. With print-on-demand (POD), you never again have to face unsold boxes of books!


Working with the printing vendor

Whatever printing vendor you select, you will pay them directly for their products and services. If you would like us to handle the interactions on your behalf or help you through the process, we will charge an hourly consulting fee to do so.

Printing services include the following tasks:

• Set up the printing vendor account.

• Select a Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) category. Your selection of this category will be displayed on Amazon and used by online book buyers. 

• Check the final Amazon listing for accuracy.

• Teach you how to manage the printing vendor's account, including how to order your own books.

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