At Backspace Ink:

•  You are the publisher of your book.

•  You retain control throughout the production process and of the finished product.

•  You own all electronic files we prepare for you and may request them at any time.

•  You pay us no compensation from the sale of books we help produce for you.

•  Any and all royalties from the printing vendor will be sent directly to you.

•  Other vendors' costs will be paid by you directly to them with no added markup.

Here is a summary of the publishing services we provide:

E-books: Our recommended e-book conversion vendor will convert your files to industry-standard e-book formats and set up worldwide distribution channels and royalty payments.

Copyright: Your book is copyrighted when you put the © symbol on the interior copyright page, but some authors like to add this additional step. 


International Standard Book Number (ISBN): Every version of your book requires a unique ISBN. Some printing vendors require a bar code graphic and others provide them for free, so be sure to check with your printing vendor before you purchase them. 

Adobe Acrobat (PDF): An electronic file (for free or for sale) may be a good option. Some features of a PDF include:

•  Hyperlinks

•  Interactive Table of Contents

•  Searchable text

•  Password restrictions

•  Color interior 

•  Easily updatable text

For an example of a PDF book, you can download a complimentary copy of Books from the Heart: Our Self-Publishing Journey, written and produced by Joanne Shwed.

Library of Congress Catalog Control Number (LCCN): Having an LCCN is important for posterity. Acquiring an LCCN is not required; however, some authors take this extra step. 

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