"The Survivors"


•  You are the publisher of your book.

•  You retain control throughout the production process and of the finished product.

•  You own all electronic files we prepare for you and may request them at any time.

•  You pay us no compensation from the sale of books we help produce for you. Any and all royalties from the printing vendor will be sent directly to you.

•  All vendors' costs will be paid by you directly to them.

Publishing services

We will be happy to provide the following publishing services on your behalf at our hourly rate:

International Standard Book Number (ISBN): Every version of your book (e.g., soft cover, hard cover, and e-book) requires a unique ISBN. Bowker Identifier Services sells 10 ISBNs for the price of two, which is recommended and a great cost savings for future books. There are other ISBN vendors, but we do not recommend them. Some vendors require you to purchase bar code graphics, so be sure to check with your printing vendor before you purchase any bar code graphics. 

E-books: Our recommended e-book conversion vendor will convert your files to industry-standard e-book formats and set up worldwide distribution channels and royalty payments.

          Adobe Acrobat (PDF): If an electronic file for download (free or for sale) is better for you, a PDF may be your best option. Your book can be saved in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format, which may be downloaded from your website by anyone with a copy of Acrobat Reader. This PDF version can contain bookmarks, which act as an interactive Table of Contents, as well as the front and back cover pages.

          Copyright: Your book is copyrighted when you put the © symbol on the interior copyright page, but some authors like to add this additional step. Copyright submission is done after the book has been printed. To read more about the submission process and the fees involved, visit the Electronic Copyright Office website

          Library of Congress Catalog Control Number (LCCN): Acquiring an LCCN is not required; however, some authors take this extra step. This process is done before your book has been printed in order to include the LCCN on the interior copyright page.

          •  CreateSpace (a print-on-demand vendor) offers an LCCN service. To read more about their process and the fees involved, visit the CreateSpace LCCN page. Note that this service must be requested before you approve your book on their website.

          •  At the Library of Congress, this service is free (see a step-by-step process at the Author U website). 

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