Written analysis

Every manuscript can benefit from a written analysis; however, we will rely on your evaluation of whether it needs structural and organizational assistance.

First written analysis

This service is a “hands-off,” high-level read. We will not make any changes to your manuscript; instead, we will give specific examples and offer suggestions for improvement.

This service will include any or all of the following tasks:

We will read the manuscript once.

• Preliminary formatting will be done, including assigning style names to headings and autogenerating a Table of Contents from those headings, which will show the heading structure of the book.



 We will identify weak spots, areas that need strengthening, and parts that appear to be missing.

We will assess whether the sequence of events and character development are effective. If a timeline or a character list will help sort out dates and multiple character names, we will include these items.

• We will discuss the use of tenses and/or flashbacks and indicate whether their use is consistent and/or confusing.

• We will open the discussion for the BISAC category selection, which is mandatory for all published books.

The suggested changes may be made by you or us ... it’s your choice.

Additional written analyses

We will submit an estimate for additional written analyses, if required. This process will continue until you are ready to move forward.