Remote training with audio and visual recording

With remote access software, you can see our monitor, or we can see yours. We can also provide a recording of our training session(s), if you wish. Training sessions are billed hourly and are tailored to your specific needs.

Remote training for authors

If you are an author who would like to learn how to do some of the publishing tasks yourself, we could:

Show you how to format your Microsoft Word file so it will be cleaner upon submission to us and less costly for you during the formatting and copyediting processes

Instruct you how to use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes editing tool so you can see the history of the changes as we go through the copyediting process

    • Teach you how to assign Microsoft Word's paragraphs styles to your manuscript, which will provide valuable information for the interior design and keep your costs down

    Set up an interior design template in Microsoft Word so you can see what the interior pages will look like when you enter text and graphics

    Teach you how to submit graphics in the required format so they are compatible with the specifications of the selected printing vendor 

    After you have done all you can (or want to) do, we will use your amended files and refine them as needed.

    Remote training for publishing colleagues

    Whether you are a small- or large-size publisher, your staff may need remote training to emulate the services we provide.

    Our 30+ years of experience can be a valuable asset to your business!