Steps for making a book

      "Open Christianity"

      From manuscript to book

      We can help organize your thoughts, pinpoint your focus, and break down the various sections of your manuscript with a brainstorming session.

      We will determine if your book needs a written analysis (to determine its structural and organizational integrity).

      Once the written analysis has been completed, you will let us know which of the suggested changes (and maybe some of your own) you want us to make for you (developmental editing).

      After the structural and organizational changes have been made, copyediting will begin.

      When your manuscript is ready for interior design, we will format it to clean it up and prepare it for our page-layout program.

      Before we set up the interior pages, we need to make sure that our files will be compatible with the printing vendor.

      We will create interior design samples for your review. It is always helpful if you have design ideas; if not, we can design your book for you. Once you've approved the samples, we will lay out all of the interior pages of your book. Please view our portfolio.

      During the interior design process, you will consider whether you want to include cross-references in your book.

      We will analyze text and graphics. We will discuss any special concerns, such as quality of art or missing files. Graphics assistance is available (including scanning).

      This is the time to consider whether you want to include simple or subject indexes in your book.

      We will create the cover design for your review. It is always helpful if you have design ideas; if not, we can design your book for you. Please view our portfolio.

      You will decide whether you want us to either reread or scan all of the pages (proofread) as a final quality check.

      If you have no more changes to the interior and cover pages, you may send us your final approval via e-mail. We will upload your final files to the selected printing vendor and help you set up your printing vendor account.

      If you have chosen to produce an e-book, we will either refer you to an e-book conversion vendor or handle the process for you when those files are ready at the end of the project. If you want an electronic alternative, we can also create an Adobe PDF version of your document.

      Would you like us to train you?

      We encourage you to participate in the process and can provide training, if you decide to do any of the work yourself.